Applique Options

I have tons of appliques. So many that I haven't found the time or most efficient method of putting them on here for you to pick out. Until that time comes I am linking some of my favorite websites that I get appliques from so you can look at them. If you see something on one of these sites that you like, let me know. If I don't already have it, I'd be glad to add it to my collection for one of your projects.

Ok, there's a start. Try not to get overwhelmed...I sometimes do (and have to avoid purchasing all of the extra cute ones "just because"). One of these days I'll get my database loaded on here ;)

UPDATED:  I've slowly begun to compile images of appliques that I have.  Click on the link to the category that you are looking for.  You can still look at the above sites in case you can't find what you are looking for in my lists. 

Applique Fonts
Holidays - Christmas & Winter
Holidays - Halloween & Thanksgiving
Holidays - Valentine's Day
Things that Go- Earth
Things that Go - Sky
Things that Go - Water